How we used LinkedIn to build a business

We going to start off this post by throwing a classic cliché out there, and then explaining why we believe in it more than most. Stay with us, here we go…


“It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know”


It is a phrase you hear at every start-up event, every entrepreneur’s seminar and in just about every Hollywood movie that deals with business stories. There is a reason for this and that is, in our eyes at least, because it is fundamentally true. In our story so far, it has been the thing which has allowed us to take the next step every time we hit a tough patch.


When we were starting out there were a lot of mountainous challenges that we didn’t have the knowledge or experience to tackle effectively by ourselves. Initially we were frustrated by the fact that we had all these big ideas and ambitions, but we didn’t know how to bring them to life. We made a decision that our first goal would be to do all that we could to meet people who could give us some advice as to how to go about things.


The first place we tuned into was LinkedIn as it meant we could speak to extremely qualified and experienced professionals from all over the world. We were surprised at how willing people were to answer our questions and point us in the right direction. The insightful guidance and knowledge opportunities we received from just talking to people about their experience in the drinks sector was invaluable. Anything from production to exporting to design, we spoke to anyone that would take our questions. We soon had a strong idea on what we needed to do to get Double Dutch moving in the right direction. We used this new advice to make initial moves in the market which slowly got us some momentum and got our business off the ground.


A few years down the road, we are still big users of LinkedIn and continue to use it to reach the right people at the right times. People are the core of business and this is no different at Double Dutch. We often find new business opportunities or chat to our suppliers to keep in touch. We highly recommend the platform if you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to grow your knowledge base and connect with some of the smartest people in your industry.

If you are in the position of being approached by budding entrepreneurs, give them a few minutes of your day. It could make a big difference to them, as it did for us!


By Joyce & Raissa de Haas